Controller Setup Issue
Hi Guys, When I setup my controller(Xbox 360 USB) to the program it seems fine, all binding work correctly, except for the left stick that for some reason when left alone will force the character to walk very slowly left and when making the character move right it moves at a slow pace compared to other directions. the first image shows my settings, second show the input received without using the controller, and then the last image is when i`ve used the sticks.
if anyone can help I would appreciate it.

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Some games are finnicky with the sensitivity settings. Try adjusting them a bit to see if it helps.
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Where do you adjust settings?
Go to Pad1 and then there's advanced options for each binding.
Alright I’ll try that thanks
It could also be a hardware problem with you analog(the variable resistor)
In the start menu type Gamepad=>then Properties on your gamepad=>Test and see if the analogs are returning to the center after moving them and then releasing them

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