Controller creating new xinput device and messing up settings
Hey guys, I have a wired x360 controller and it's a bit worn so one of the wires likes to fail if held at the wrong angle. It will drop off and then come right back on with the windows device alert tone and everything.

My problem is, whenever it does this it reassigns itself as a new xinput device and doesn't overwrite the old one.

For example, in the above linked image, the controller (originally xinput pad 1) disconnected briefly and then reconnected to become a new "Xinput Pad 0".

That is a ss of what happens to my bindings.

The only way I have found to remedy this, outside of dropping 40 bucks for a new controller, is to completely rebind the controller every time. Rebooting, restarting pcsx2 and plugging the controller back into the port has no effect.


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Same thing was happening with mine. I just did the cheapo way and removed the bad section of the cable. Problem was, the issue was right at the entry to the controller itself, so... it was almost near to the point of resoldering.
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