Controller issue
Hello lads
since shortly i have a weird issue with my controller which i can't get rid of
it appeared in PCSX2 first and doesn't appear in genshin Impact which makes this all weird.

for some reason the Controller (no matter what controller i use btw) constantly is shown to trigger x- and for some reason the x axis is linked to the Buttons R2 and L2 
even by manually mapping everything that doesn't change.
reconfiguring didn't help either.

I already figured out that it might be a windows issue but they don't even try to help.
due to the fact that the steam controller is uneffected by this and that the controllers work normally in Genshin Impact that might be an issue with the driver but i can't change anything there either (or at least not in a way that fixes the Problem cause reinstalling was either a lost cause).

Hope someone can help and I Thank in advance.

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