Controller issues
Good afternoon.

I'm having a problem with my Logitech Dual Action controller. While PCSX2 is open, the controller constantly goes from an attached/detached state. The little warning bell from windows is firing like crazy telling me a USB device has been unplugged and plugged back in.

While in the attached state all of the buttons and sticks work as intended. The controller works fine with my other emulator as well as other games. The first day I had PCSX2 I never encountered this problem and I plowed a TON of hours on it. When I tried picking it up today it's become unplayable.

Here are my system specs and the troubleshooting I've done so far:

i5-2500k 3.3ghz
8gb ram
GTX 550ti 1GB
Logitech F310 Dual Action controller
Win 7 64bit

-Reinstalled application on a non-OS partition
-Used both plugins provided with the full install package under a variety of settings
-Installed the current Logitech game pad software
-Disabled Xpadder

If it matters I'm just using my PS2 dvds to play, but the problem starts the moment I open PCSX2 without a game loaded. I can literally sit there and watch the application tell me the controller is "there" or "not there" over and over again.

I'm at a complete loss. Any help is appreciated and I will provide any additional info as needed. Thank you!

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have you tried another USB slot?

or do you have another controller?
I've tried different USB slots. I just tried my 2P controller and it still does it. The controllers are the same model though.
Any other games you have to use the controller? Cuz plugged/unplugged issues with wired controllers, could be a bad wire.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Yes. I also use it for zsnes and DFO and both run without this problem.
what pad plugin are you using?
I've tried both lilypad and SSSPSX. I've tried different options in lilypad with no luck. Right now I'm using the SSSPSX plugin.

I just managed to ALMOST finish the first level in God of War before it started going crazy again. I don't get it!

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