Controller issues
Hey I have a ps2 control that’s connected with an adaptor and a ps4 that’s connected with a. Bluetooth stick while using the DS4 adaptor when I play games with two users both controls control both characters so for example when I play crash Nitro my car would turn because my brother used his controller and his car would then as well because I turned my controller they simultaneously control both character I need helpppp

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pcsx2 doesn't support ds4 controller natively.
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(10-31-2020, 04:26 PM)jesalvein Wrote: pcsx2 doesn't support ds4 controller natively.

Hello do you anything that could fix my issue maybe something different than ds4??
Use the recommended method of adding PCSX2 to steam (or ds4windows ryochan7 as alternative). to see if it says xinput above to check in general, other types can use dinput but thats legacy at this point but should work.

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