Controller just turns off altogether when in game.
So, i'm on the latest release [1.6.0 at the time of writing this], i havent even touched any of theĀ settings, save for the ones to do with controllers and I seem to have run into a very annoying problem.

I use an XBone controller, wired, works fine on just about everything else, and im able to configure the buttons, sticks, w/e, right?

But the moment I actually boot into a game, the little light in the xbox symbol goes out. It just up and shuts off when it actually gets into a game.

I thought this was game specific, as I was trying to get Fate Unlimited Codes to run for the first time, but when I tried to use it in Capcom Fighting Jam, it shut off there too.

At my wit's end here!

(Will provide CPU and GPU info if needed, altho everything runs at 60 fps fine for me.)

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