Controller lag (stuttering for 0.5sec) using DS3 scptoolkit

Im using scptoolkit and dualshock 3 to get pressure sensitivity to be able to crouch on socom combined assault online... everything works fine except 1 thing that bothers me alot!

For exemple, if i run foward for 1 minute, every once in a while by character stop moving for 0.5 sec and start moving back! Its not a huge deal, but its very annoying! 

Its not input lag ( well idk, maybe) but everything is responding very well! Except this which happens every 1 minute maybe!

My pc is highend, SSD, 1080Ti and 8700k, using DS3 by USB, my pc is hooked by ethernet cable with gigabit internet... so i really dont know...

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We don't officially support SCPToolkit because it is no longer in development. Normally I'd tell you to run the controller with Steam and launch PCSX2 through there but since you want pressure sensitivity, there's no other options right now.
Scptoolkit is the only option for pressure sensitivity? Damn!

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