Controller plugin problem.
In many games i have a problem with my controller plugin.I set it up nice but when i get into the game sometimes the controls dont work and sometimes when i press right it goes right-up and when i press left it goes left-down....And my up and down buttons dont work...What should i do?Blink
ssspsx Pad pressure mod 1.7.0
Windows vista Home premium DX10
(i dont know what to say to be usefull.)

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I have similar problems, in some games some times ( most of the times ) the controls just don't work. I tried the 2 plugins, but the same thing Smile, but I noticed that when u switch the different control plugins and change the buttons they start working ... maybe this problem is only with my PC, dunno Sad !
Use lilypad. Get the latest version from here
I will try it soon, thank you ^___^ !
I had same problem and I solved it (YAY!). I tried 4 different controller plugins, running game from beggining 100 times and stuff and finally got it. I choose LillyPad 0.10. and when setting 'up' and 'down' don't set by 'D Pad', set by 'left analog' one and it'll work. At least worked for me. I haven't tried right one, but it will probably be same.

Hope this helps.
You just revived a year old thread....
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