Controller problem using Gamestream Nvidia/android
I use a wireless receiver connecting my xbox 360 controller to my Nvidia shield Tablet K1.
On my laptop the latest PCSX2 is installed - Win 10 64 Bit

I have nothing changed. All buttons work properly. In diagonostics of lilypad I test buttons however, the D-pad and Right analog are not registering.
Is there anything I can do to make it work?

Many thanks in advance, would be awesome to play like this.

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Which game? Are you sure D-pad and R-stick are really used by the game?

Please screenshot first and second tabpage of lilypad configuration
It's not about the game. I haven't started any actual game. I can see in the config it's not working.

I have a similar issue in dolphin emulator. However in PCSX2 Left analog stick works.In Dolphin left/right analog + dpad doesn't work.
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