Controller profile changes while playing
The game I am trying to play is Rainbow Six Siege. I have created the binds I want for the controller, saved the profile, and binded the profile to the controller. While in game, the profile will work for a couple of button strokes but then it switches to default. After pressing the buttons over and over again, it will switch back to the assigned profile but then the process starts all over again. 

For example default R3 is lean right, I have circle assigned to R3 making it my crouch. I will be crouching pressing it a few times leaning left and right at the same time then all of a sudden R3 switches to lean right again messing up my aim, fire, and gadgets. 

Is there a solution to this problem and how is it solved? I am terrible with M&K and would like to play this game with a controller. Thanks in advance.

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