Controller rumble problem (Resident Evil 4)
Hi guys,

excellent work with the emulator, really admirable. I play Resident Evil 4 (EU) currently,and whenever I go to the item screen, or when there is a cutscene, my controller starts rumbling like crazy.
I can't stop it, it's only a minor problem but quite annoying. The controller is Speedlink Strike 2 gamepad, and otherwise works ok. I tried to change rumble settings in the gamepad menu, but no change.
Anyone think this can be remedied or should I just live with it?

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I've had this problem before, but can't recall the exact steps I took to fix it. It is fixable, though.
rumbling? as in a constant vibration? disconnect and reconnect always works for me if this happens, or try to disable and then re enable vibration
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I don't think it's fixable save for changing input plugin from lilypad to some other
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