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Controller settings/Aiming?
Wow, I don't remember the classic ways of aiming and looking around having to have to use two analog as a kid lol, I'm currently using a 360 controller and curious if anyone know any method to get the aiming the very same as today's gaming by just holding RT to aim and using ONE right analog to look/aim around?? Checkout the attachment to the controller's setting for the game I'm playing if need to know (ignore the left pic, it's all I could find)

I actually added this coding in:

7 Default Analog Stick Controls (Like Halo)
E0041DC0 001200B4
00132114 00000024
00132124 00000027
00132134 00000026
00132144 00000025

But doesn't seem like much of a help.... Hoping anyone knows how to change the aim/look method, would be nice to save some struggling :s

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You still gotta show that picture of the disc before you can get support on this game.
[Image: vwah44]
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