Controller stop working after disconnecting - DS4Windows
I'm using PlayStation 4 controller DualShock4. I run it on windows using DS4-Windows ( 
Everything is working when I connect my controller to the PC, and I'm able to play games without any configuration on the PCSX2 side.

However, if the controller is disconnected (for example if I didn't touch it for an hour, the controller will shut it self down).
When I reconnect the controller to the PC - I see that DS4-Windows recognize the controller, and I see windows  is detecting the input from the controller (I can move the mouse curser with the controller). But the PCSX2 don't recognize the controller. The only solution is a restart to the PC. 

This scenario is happening every time. Each time the controller is disconnected, it will not work in PCSX2 after reconnect.

Any ideas???

My settings:
PCSX2 1.6.0
DS4Windows 1.4.52
OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit
CPU: Intel i7-10510U
GPU: GTX 1050 max-q

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I'm going to assume you followed the proper steps that ds4windows showed you to get it working on the wireless side right? installing the vigembus driver, hooking the ds4 controller via bluetooth to your computer, then letting it hook to ds4windows? then configuring its profile to work as you want it to?

the only settings I have checkmarked in the settings tab is the following: Hide the DS4 Controller (so only the emulated xbox 360 controller shows), and Disconnect from BT when stopping (If I use the PS Button + Start, it total disconnects the controller). Sometimes the controller doesnt hook to the profile you had it at, and when it connects, you need to make sure in the controllers tab, the dropdown box has whatever profile you got (Default, or custom made)

TL;DR show a screenshot of your ds4windows settings, maybe you derped something along the way
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I have the DS4Windows side working properly. I'm connected via bluetooth and have a controller profile set up.
I'm able to play PCSX2 with the controller for hours (until the first disconnected).

After I'm connecting for the 2nd time, I can see the DS4Win is working well. I can see the mouse move via the controller and changing the controller light bar from windows will change it in the controller - so I believe the problem isn't with DS4Windows but with PCSX2 itself.

I read in some thread in the forums, that windows has 4 controller slots, while PCSX2 has only 2 slots, and maybe the problem is that PCSX2 is looking in the wrong slot - but I'm not sure that this is the problem or how to fix it.

Regarding your request to know what DS4Windows settings I'm using, so I'm using all the default settings except "Disconnect from BT when stopping" - I'm using this setting to turn off the controller by pressing the stop button in DS4Windows.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=71213]

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what version is your copy of ds4windows? mine is at 2.1.4; methinks you're running an OLD version of it since my newer copy doesn't have that "Use XInput Ports" thing.

Update your ds4windows to 2.1.4 if you haven't, then give me a screenshot of your pcsx2 lilypad settings (excluding bindings, those aren't important). After that, give me a screenshot showing what your ds4windows controller tab looks like when you have your ds4 controller on and hooked into ds4windows
In the face of true and un-restrained awesomeness, let it belong to me and me alone, cuz I said so, and cuz I have the HAMS OF DOOM
Are you sure you are using version 2.1.4 ??? Im am using version 1.4.52 which is the newest version to the day of this post - see . if you know of a newer version then send me a link.

Im using only default settings.
See below images you requested
[Image: attachment.php?aid=71221]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=71220]

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Are you sure when it reconnects it's assigned the same port/slot? Try manually configuring it in lilypad after it is reconnected.
(07-07-2020, 09:55 PM)prafull Wrote: Are you sure when...

I dont know how to config lilypad, I never touched these settings. Can you explain how to do this?
first off, update your DS4Windows, I know the one you screenshot was an older version. Next, boot up pcsx2, click on config, go to controllers (PAD), and under the light-grey lilypad text, click on plugin settings. Explore that while your controller is on and config it to use the button inputs like start, select, dpad up/down/left/right, etc....

failing that, lol idk :/
In the face of true and un-restrained awesomeness, let it belong to me and me alone, cuz I said so, and cuz I have the HAMS OF DOOM

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