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I'm using Lilypad 0.9.9 and controls are not working all the time. I have final fantasy xii zodiac system (english) installed and in the main menu, I cannot go to load game (it seems as if the d-pad is not working). Moreover, once I get into the new game, the D starts to work again (or at least I was able to move my character around, not sure if it was the analog making my character to move).

In FFX, the game works fine; however, i haven't played enough of it yet.

In kingdom hearts, sometimes, all controls do not work. I need to restart the program to make the controls working again.

I think it is just minor tweaking I need to do...

someone please help.

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I'm seriously attempted to tell you to uninstall the emulator from that... non blessed C:\Program Files(x86) and install it in a user created folder, something like C:\Games\PCSX2 should do the trick. And this even before knowing it is installed "there"...

Make sure to delete the already created ini files before reinstalling, to avoid already compromised ones continue the issue. They probably are in the inis folder under the PCSX2 folder in the Documents.

To be really sure, delete the entire PCSX2 folder under the Documents, caring to save possible BIOS, memcards and sstates that may be already there.
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FFXII uses both the analog and d-pad for navigation in the menus, so make sure you have configured both left/right analog axis and the d-pad and try again.

Also... I suggest you try with the latest beta:
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everything is working I just don't know hwo to configure the analogs =(
and sorry for the double post, but i am using the beta.

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