Convert Codes for Diferent Regions
There is a code for the US version of FFX that i'm trying to make work on the international version.

I found an equation that worked on all the codes, except a those posted, i tried to convert from pal to ntsc to int.

NTSC U/C + 31F0 = PAL

NTSC U/C + 2E70 = INT


//Chocobo Race (Timer Doesn't Increase)

//Chocobo Race (99 Balloons)

//Chocobo Race (0 Birds)

Edit: Managed to find the adresses using cheat engine, but the timer code corrupts some textures not too noticeable though. Also it only freezes the seconds for now.

//Chocobo Race (0 Birds)

//Chocobo Race (99 Balloons)

//Chocobo Race (Timer Doesn't Increase)
//patch=1,EE,20BD722C,byte,00000000 (Crashes on startup)

Turns out both the NTSC and INT codes freeze the game when entering macalania woods, maybe because it conflicts with the butterfly minigame ?

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Well, you got that from my own guide, so matbe you want to actually try reading it totally now?

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