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Convert cheat of the same game but of another version

there I am looking for a way to convert a cheat code for Grand Theft Auto 3 Australia v1.60 to Europe version 1.40 here is the code


The code is used to activate the blood for the censored version

I tried to convert it but without success

The mastercode and ID remains the same as version 1.60

Mastercode: 90115A18 0C04562E
ID: SLES_503.30
ELF CRC v1.40: 021396FD
ELF CRC v1.60: 581954FC

If you have an idea, thank you in advance

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Solved I managed to convert it

For 1.40
\\Enable Uncensored Blood And Rampages

For 1.60
\\Enable Uncensored Blood And Rampages

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