Converting Codes
Hello there everyone, I would love for someone to help me.

If possible how can I convert lets say U.S. Gameshark/AR MAX codes to UK and vice versa so that the codes will work for the different region version of the game?

for ex.
Us AR MAX code for Kingdom Hearts II.

Restore Full HP

how would I make it so that is Uk version of code to work for KH2??

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I dont think it works like that, if the US code doesnt work you gotta find/make the code for UK.
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oh ok thank you very much.

But shouldn't it work anyways since its pcsx2 uses RAW and not actual codes?
You might be better off simply making your own. Codes for full or max HP/money/anything numeric are incredibly easy to do. Literally just using the patcher to match the value a couple times till you're sure you have the correct address...

Then again, I've been making codes for game systems since the first gameshark pro for Gameboy...
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Yeah making my own codes is quite easy for me to do,when dealing with numerical values, but i'm not sure how to make codes that have to deal with infinite amounts, unlocking certain things, switching out characters for another inside a game,etc. (things not numerical)
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Infinite amount would be numerical ^_^

As for unlocking items, do you mean as in inventory? The easiest way would be to switch an item in an inventory slot and use the "not-equal" and "equal" searches (depending if the item is the same in the slot, or you switched it's placement)

Once you have the address for the item and which slot in your inventory you can either trial and error your way to the correct item, or use an existing item list from another region (it's very rare that item lists are altered between regions).

For switching out characters, it'd be the same method used for switching out inventory. Switch characters back and forth using the "not-equal" and "equal" searches till you find the address for the character slot. Then either trial and error (much easier to do with fewer characters than items) or, again, use a preexisting list of codes.

As for "unlocking certain things"... Depends on what you mean by that. If you gave me a more specific example, I might be able to give you the steps needed to make a code.
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