Converting FES codes to Persona 3 codes
is it possible to convert Persona 3 FES codes ntsc-u to persona 3 original slus 21569?

The reason for asking is that there is a plethora of FES codes and not so many for P3 original. Ive completed FES and just want to God Mode P3 original.

Mainly, all weapons and armor codes. Thank you.

//Persona EXP Multiplier

//Hero EXP Multiplier

These are for FES version, can these be converted also?

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(06-17-2021, 12:59 AM)smartstrike Wrote: i have these on regular P3 cheat

//Inf Max Money

//Easy EXP, Fight One Battle to Get to Lvl 99

//Academics Stats Max

//Charm Stats Max

//Courage Stats Max

//Use item Get 99

Thank you. I used some but I want a more like a multiplier for exp rather than lvl 99 off the bat. And, for like the whole party.

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