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Converting Ntsc 60fps .pnach into Pal for MGS3s
Hello everyone, it's been weeks that I try to convert the code to unlock the 60fps in metal gear solid 3 Subsistance, I tried all the possible ways, in other games I managed to convert them without problems but unfortunately in mgs3s I have no reference points inside ps2dis, is there a tool that converts it automatically? or an easier way to identify the correct line?
Unfortunately, all the nearby lines have the same values and I can not retrieve the corresponding line in the Italian version of the file.
I really do not know where to bang my head.
The code for the ntsc-u is this:


I would like to convert it for the version Pal-i, the Italian version ... please help me

Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian and i don't speak english very well Sad

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Converting US Cheat codes to PAL would probably not work, you really need to look at the forum for 60fps codes in the Off topic forum.
it works, i make it for kingdom hearts 1 and 2 with the code for the ntscu version

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