Converting a AR MAX(.max) to .PS2 for PCSX2
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So, I normally play my FFX International on my PS2, but I cannot go further because it crashes after I beat SinSpawn Gui and end up on the beach. So I am thinking If I play this part on PCSX2 I could past this part and continue on my ps2.
I attempted to get my PS2's save file for this with AR MAX and Ulaunch Elf.
So here is what I ended up with
AR MAX save file - XXX.MAX
Ulaunch Elf - where RAW file format.

Now, how do I get my .MAX file to convert to .PS2. I've tried MyMC, and PS2savebuilder. PS2 Save Build doesn't save for me in .PS2 and My MC doesn't save in .ps2.
How do I convert the .Max to .PS2 or use the raw file to use my save from my ps2 on PCSX2

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First and above all make sure the save is for the same version you have.

If it's to use with PCSX2 you don't need intermediate steps. Just open the desired Mcd00x.ps2 in MyMC and import the max

Beware the utility refuses to save if the slot is already taken. You could delete the occupied slot but a more secure way is creating and formatting a fresh new mcd001.ps2 and using it.

PS: Still, if you want to extract slots for any reason, it's simple too. MyMC only export to .psu but you can use another utility> "PS2Save-builder" to create your own memory card content however you wish, and output the result in a format MyMC accepts (including .max)
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Hmm... FFX International is 100% playable on PCSX2. If your game crashes at the same place every time, that might indicate your PS2 disk or its image file (ISO) is broken.

You don't need to convert your save files into .PS2 format! Files with .PS2 extensions are Memory Card files used by PCSX2.
You can open Mcd001.ps2 or Mcd002.ps2 file with MyMC utility and import previously exported save files into it by clicking File ->Import... menu commands.

Also, notice that uLaunchELF can copy savegame files in .psu format, just use "Paste PSU" command instead of "Paste".
DTG post makes me wonder if that was not yet understood. Mcd00x.ps2 files are memcards. They are created by PCSX2 and "formatted" by the original BIOS. I should have stressed this point when told "...but a more secure way is creating and formatting a fresh new mcd001.ps2 and using it".

You can only import/export saved slots into/from them. That's the reason PS2Save-builder saves them in a format MyMC can use to import into the Mcd00x.ps2 "memcard", not "create" them (remember, they aren't PC format, they are formatted by the PS2 BIOS).

PS: Mcd00x.ps2 standing for Mcd001.ps2 or Mcd002.ps2. As far as I know there is not yet support for custom memcard's names in PCSX2.

Formatting them implies navigating the PS2 BIOS, what is accomplished by starting PCSX2 without game's mounted disc or image.

Since my previous post risks not being read: MyMC refuses to import if the slot is already occupied in the memcard, you need to delete (erase) it beforehand, and yes, the slots are numbered, the saved file will be a definite slot number, not necessarily the first one and securely not "the first available".

A final note: since PCSX2 can use memcards from any chosen folder, might be a good idea to create subfolders under the \memcard, with the game's name and creating the mcds in there, and with that subfolder already selected, proceed to formatting them in the PS2 BIOS. This may help keeping things organized.
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