Converting ps2 game files into an .iso for pcx2
Hello everyone ! I am new in this forum , so please excuse my noobidity ...

My question is , How can i make an iso file for pcx2 ? I have a copy of ps2 version of Metal gear solid 3 from one of my friends , but i soon figured out that there is no .iso file to boot in pcx2 . I know , really simple , but i don't know how i can convert it into an iso file or is that copy unusuable for pcx2 ? i saw on youtube that ppl are playing this on their desktop easily but not telling how . Very old game it is , yes , but come on , its MSG !!

"A 'tutorial' for dummies "would be nice. my pcx2 (latest) is already configured and i played gow , gow2 , shadow of colossus , shinobi etc.( i got the iso from another friend , i think he pirated) .... i just want to know how to play a copy of ps2 game on pc by turning it into iso .I put the whole thing into a folder and converted that into one .iso file , but pcx2 can't play that . You guys are the only ones that can help me , please help .....

Thanx in advance .

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