Converting save files regions - alternative way to do it (when other ways don't work)

I had to convert a save file from a friend who had it in PAL (God of War 2), and I needed it in NTSC.

I tried to follow the following threads:

What I tried was:
a.) Opened the PAL file with a hex editor and/or another editor and find/replace the PAL version text with the NTSC version text.
b.) Opened the PAL file with PS2 Save Builder and find/replace the PAL version text with the NTSC version text in the Root/ID and first file name.

But it didn't work when I went to load the game it didn't show anything (it did show it under the system Bios memory card though).

Some have mentioned that the above methods do not always work because there could be a checksum inside the save file that changing some components of the names causing to throw it off, and the game not being able to detect the save file anymore.

So I came up with a new way, that seems to work (which probably accommodating for the checksum issue and/or possibly other unknown causes to the issue), which is somewhat a modification of the two ways above:

Have both region save files available (preferably in .psu format, you can export it using Mymc tool from the emulator).
Create new folder called "files" (anywhere).

1.) Open each region save file in a different PS2 Save Builder (source and target regions).
2.) Open a third new PS2 Save Builder instance (Keep blank, don't load any save files).
3.) Copy/paste the target save file PS2 Save Builder Root/ID text to new PS2 Save Builder instance Root/ID.
3.) From the source save file PS2 Save Builder, go through the list of files, top down, right click on each file, choose extract and save it with the same name it populates the file name field with into the new "files" folder you created.
4.) In the new PS2 Save Builder instance, right click in the files grid, choose add file, and just choose each file that you extracted.
5.) Once you added all files in the new PS2 Save Builder instance, rename the first file name you added to the target save file PS2 Save builder first file name.
6.) In the new PS2 Save Builder instance, click file, save as, and save in .max format (giving it any name you want).
7.) Import the .max file you saved into Mymc tool (after you deleted the existing target save file).
8.) Restart the game (full boot restart), it should load the save game now.

Good luck!

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