Copy Controller Configuration
Hey all, basically I lent my friend my previous controller that I had setup on my PCSX2 client, and he bought me a new, better controller for my birthday, but now all of my configurations are wrong/non existent, I can still see my previous settings by going into the Pad 1 tab, but I can't copy them to the Pad 2 tab, anyone know how I can if it is possible?

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Probably you need to adjust the settings manually by copying some entries in the lilypad.ini to copy maps from one controller to another.

But why dont you just remap all buttons? Would take probably less than one minute.
I think it would take slightly longer than that, I mean none of the buttons are very well named on my old controller, so the names of what they are linked to are incredibly confusing, but how would I copy entries from lilypad.ini?
In the time you've spent making these posts, you could have wiped the old config and redone it several times.
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
You dont need to know the button namens. You can either map controls by using the combo box selection or much faster by clicking on the desired ps2 control and then on the corresponding button on your controller

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