Core i7-930 - Low FPS, low CPU usage
I've noticed that PCSX2.exe doesn't use 100% CPU on my core i7-930 (checked the usage via TaskManager). The highest I got was 75-80%.

I'm using GSDX SSE4 in DX11-Software mode, SW thread count is set to 4. I have Hyperthreading turned off in BIOS since I don't really need 8 virtual cores for anything. When I change the PCSX2.exe CPU affinity to 3/4 I get a significant slowdown, which I guess means that it's really using all four cores, but obviously not to the full extent. All emulator settings are at default.

I tried both the latest public beta and compiled latest SVN source (Release config, VS2010), but other than significant speedup in the SVN version CPU usage is the same in both cases. I even tried null-ing pad and spu plugins to see if they are the culprit but no joy.

Any ideas?

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what is your CPU speed?
Not enough data for a precise diagnostic but the first thing to try is to put Windows in High Performance mode instead some those Power save modes. It can be accomplished from the "Power Options" under the Windows "control Panel".

Still, you may be victim of the dreaded turbo issue that happens in the Ix CPUs with some games.
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@Saiki: The CPU clock is at 2.8 GHz (stock value).

@nosisab Ken Keleh: No i7 issues here, a while back I ran Prime95 test monitored with i7 Turbo tool and the core multipliers went up to 22x (as opposed to 21x when turbo mode is off or w/ throttling issues). Power settings are already at high performance, and btw. I'm not sure that power settings can be the cause, because when your CPU is throttled down because of power saving it's actually running at lower clock overall, but it should still be 100% busy when process' threads are not idling.
what games are you trying to play?
Jak and Dexter series, Ratchet and Clank series.

Final Fantasy series run way too good to be of any merit Smile
I believe jak and daxter have some bugs and run slow on pcsx2. don't quote me though

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