'Correct' way to make a PS2 disc image?
Hi there, as the compatibility of PCSX2 has grown substantialy with the release of 0.9.8, I now want to backup all my original PS2 games to my computer and retire my console to its box for now. I have quite a few so I only want to do this once so I need some advice with the correct way to do this, as you would making a flac with .cue and .log files for an audio cd for example. I want to make a 'perfect' image of the original DVD. Is there a database to verify CRC's against?

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Wouldn't it be enough just to fully rip the thing with ImgBurn or the old dvd decrypter? Because if those are inferior ways to create ISOs, someone please mention what's better and why.
If you want the best result,then use MDS/MDF for DVD and CUE/BIN for CD
And for creating the images...I don't know which program is the best,I use ImgBurn and I never had any problem with it(creating images)

ISO is also good but MDS/MDF is superior(not that it matters when it comes to PS2 DVD games)
Really? What about MDS/MDF is better? I always preferred ISOs, simply because I like having one file instead of two.
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MDS/MDF is 100% copy(including copy protection data and so on),ISO can't save such thing but there is no such thing in PS2 games anyway

Quote:ISO - is a generic reliable image file format. It is pretty much useless when copy protection comes into the picture.
MDF/MDS - Alcohol Softs own image format. IMO is the single best format as it is adept in creating images with all copy protection data included - hence the larger size image.(CCD - Clone CD and BWT - Blindwrite are also very adept)
BIN/CUE - Goldenhawks own I believe. The rawest of all formats. BIN=Binary Image, 0's and 1's. CUE is the file that tells the Computer what how when why and most importantly where.
Eva, just use PowerIso to make a ISO image of your game and your done. Its fast and it works great! MagicIso is good too. If you have a lot of games like I do, then I suggest doing what I do. Go spend a few hundred dollars on a nice 4TB external hard drive (server drives are the best), and then make that drive your PS2 game collection that way you wont bog down your main hard drive with all those ISO's. PS2 games can make a HD fill up pretty darn fast.... If you think you dont need 4TB then get a 3TB drive, they are much cheaper than a 4 and your only missing 1TB....I think the dif in price between 3 and 4 is 150 bucks or something. Oh, and if you want to save even more money and have room in your case, then get a internal drive. I personally like external drives. Just a preference.....GOOD LUCK! Smile

Oh, if you decide to go with a eternal drive and want a really good one, get a LaCie drive!! Thats the one I got and its the best! Smile

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The recommended app to make the ISO for PCSX2 use is Imgburn. (it's also free to use)
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What about the read speed when using ImgBurn, is it alright to leave it as default which is "Max"? or is it recommended to lower the read speed to half or something?
read speed can be whatever, the PC won't write any faster than it can read, and it keeps a cache for each block
Cheers everyone.

The only reason I asked is my experience from ripping my music collection from CD to .flac is that so much can go wrong in the ripping process that I wondered if theres a 'verifiable' way of making an accurate PS2 disc image so it can be done once and archived for posterity.

I'm doing the same for my PS1 games which is much more headache-inducing with sub-channel data etc..

So I take it .BIN & .CUE is the most raw and complete format for archiving then?
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