Corrupt 3D in FFX
I have recently installed and configured the pcsx2 numerous times to get my iso's of FFX and FFXII to work on this emu. I have managed to get FFXII to work decently(with slow downs in the audio). FFX I cant even get past the opening scene when i started a new game.

I am having issues with the characters disappearing on the official pcsx2 0.9.6, it doesnt matter whether I use zerogs or gsdx, doesn't seem to matter whether I enable the FFX hack/patch or not, doesn't matter if I enable to speed hacks or change cpu settings.

So I tried the latest beta of pcsx2 r-1736. This is even worse, the graphics completely mess up with ALL graphics plugins and settings, all speed hacks or none, even tried messing with cpu. Also, the characters still disapear in the beta. One last thing, When I close out the beta I get a instruction error.

I have 3 photos to show you, as well as my system specs, help would be much appreciated.

[Image: efer.jpg]

[Image: efer3.jpg]

[Image: efer2.jpg]

System(completely stable):
AMD Duel Core Opteron 165@2700
Team Extreme DDR500 250@270
2x EVGA 7800GT 256MB SLI
250gb sata2, 320gb sata2
ocz 750watts
dfi lanparty ut nf4 sli-dr expert
Windows XP Pro SP3

Note: I have the duel core patch installed, and I can play games such as Crysis on "high" settings(not "very high") with little issue.

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Try running the game with both "file > run cd/dvd" and "run > execute", make sure the "NLoop hack" in GSdx is enabled, if you're using VU skip disbale it. It'd help if you show us your settings.

Quote:I can play games such as Crysis on "high" settings(not "very high") with little issue.

Note that PCSX2 isnt a PC game.
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Well I didnt show settings because I have been swapping around with them to try and fix this. The typical settings would be res 1024x768 75hz, gsdx doesnt have nloop hack in the newer versions of the plugin(i updated the stable pcsx2 plugins) atleast not for me. I tried using zerogs for the ffx hack but didnt do anything here.

sound is typicaly spu2x with linear xaudio2 latency 127ms no check boxes.

gamepad is set with lilypad and I'm using the radioshack 26-304 usb PSX converter to use my ps2 controller wich seems to work fine.

iso im using linuz iso, bios is USA v01.60(07/02/2002) console, got it online dont have the tools for grabbing my own bios.

cpu is all checked except micro vu's and has limit fps. speed hacks i have tried them all on and all off, or some on and some off, makes no diffrence in the 3d corruption. didnt change advanced.

the two options -"file > run cd/dvd" and "run > execute"- make no difference here.
FFX is now always on. I think that missing textures is graphic's card driver issue, this part of FFX is not easy to draw, and SLI drivers could have an mistakes.
zeydlitz thanks for the insight about SLI, it would seem that was what caused the corruption, sli didnt even occur to me as a issue. I had it on Force Alternate Frame Render 2(recent change I made), and changed it to Nvidia Recommended(original settings) and its working. I still have 2 issues though, 1 would be that the graphics are piss poor, really choppy and zig zagged, if i try to enable AA in zerogs though it slows down to 35fps which is not an issue in normal games to me but.. the music slows down with it, big issue for me.

I know my cards arent exactly up to snuff but.. is there anyway to get the audio to not slow down when the fps does, but still stay in sync and not pop/crack/skip? I mean.. games like wow, and crysis etc if the fps slows down to 35fps(wich is normal in some settings) the music doesnt slow down with it, and its still in sync...

I have tried to change the audio latency, and put the interlop/module to fastest, but the most i get is extremely skippy/horrible sounding audio. FFXII had less of an issue in skipping, but with both the music&sound has an echo, like everything is under water.

As for audio hardware I have no money atm, and I wont buy a new audio card until I save up to build an up-to-date rig. My audio is the same it has been for several years/since I made this rig, onboard realtek ac'97.

I also tried the other 2 audio programs for the sound issue, but they still caused the same problems. And for the graphics, well gsdx has no AA so there so seems to be even less of a fix with that plugin.

also, I am using the newest ac'97 audio drivers, video is backdated to 186.18 though, the next two versions wich includes the newest have a serious issue causing background video to apear in foreground in blocks, and dont disapear until reboot.
The AA option in ZeroGS basically just increases the Internal Resolution of the game (not real AA). GSdx has the same option instead called D3D Internal Res, so try increasing it if you want instead I guess.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Ok that seems to improve the video a bit. 2 questions still: 1 would be the audio issue, as that wasn't mentioned. The other is what would be the recommended, and best quality d3d internal resolution for such ps2 games? I dont know much about internal res, and I've never seen a desktop res of 1024x1024(default internal res in gsdx).
For optimal image quality, set the internal resolution to or near the resolution that you use.
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I apreciate all the help so far, I know I titled this thread for 3d coruption, but I did list more then one issue. Perhaps someone can assist me in the others here, without making additional threads? There is still the matter of the choppy and/or slow audio, and the instruction error when closing the beta pcsx2.
First, use GSdx it will be faster and look better than ZeroGS.

About the sound issue: PS2 emulation will not work like PC games. If you don't get full speed sound will either a)Slow down and match the video speed if time-stretching is enabled on the SPU2 plugin or b)loop the same sounds if time stretching is disabled.
So your objective should be to get full speed to eliminate the sound issues.
Quote:and the instruction error when closing the beta pcsx2.
What do you mean? You didn't describe that
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