Corrupton issue in KH RE:Com
Hello! I'm a little new to using PCSX2, but I did manage to set up everything correctly and have been playing through Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. I had been playing with cheats (Infinite Moogle Points, occasionally Always Have Door to Rewards for particularly good cards that I wanted for Main Game) to make my life a little easier and everything was hunky-dory until I got to Atlantica. I used a new cheat that I believe messed up my ability to use the save spawns (Have x9 of all Moogle Room cards).

Due to the use of Save States, I typically wouldn't use my Moment's Reprieve cards unless I was in need of a save just before a harder battle to make setting up a deck a little quicker. I didn't realize there was a saving issue until I had already beaten Ursala and I was getting set up for the second Riku battle in the Conqueror's Respite room. It would tell me that the game failed to save and then freeze. Reloading the game and checking the save would result the game saying the save data was corrupted for that file. Removing the Moogle Room card cheat didn't do anything, and there was no going back to a save before I used the cheat in Save States since I didn't think it had done anything and saved over my last state (which is a mistake I'll never make again, that's for sure!).

Now, while Save States work just fine, and as does the game itself... there's a little thing about needing a complete Sora playthrough to play through Riku's side of the story. I'm really not sure what lacking a Sora save file will do to me getting to play through Riku's side, but I'd like to have those save files for the other neat interactions of having saves from various KH games does for other games in the series. I know I could just load another save onto my memory card from someone's save data online, but if I'm able to rescue my own data, I'd much prefer that!

I've tried to correct this with making a new memory card, but that didn't do anything and each time I try to save data onto the card it'll just cause a corrupted save data cube. I've tried seeing if I couldn't use Mymc to mess with the save data in KHSaveEditor, but it won't show up because now it's just a sad little corrupted save file. I also tried going backwards to a different hallway, then going back to Atlantica to see if that would fix it. It didn't.
I haven't tried to discard every single Moogle room card to see if maybe that would do anything. I highly doubt it will (since I already tried discarding down to having all of them below 9 at random values which did nothing) but it's worth a shot I suppose? I could also try beating Riku without any of the cheats active and seeing if just getting to a different area corrects any corrupted data from the current area I'm in. He's a particularly difficult battle so that may take me a hot minute to test and report back on.

If anybody has any other suggestions or pointers, please throw them at me. I know I am booboo the fool and should have been a little more wary with use of save states and save data when playing with cheats, my lesson has been relearned since my Action Replay in Pokemon days.


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I've beaten Riku without cheats and saves are still not working. Something is simply thoroughly corrupted about the data now and I'm not entirely certain it's fixable without simply starting a new game... which I definitely don't want to do this late into my playthrough. I suppose I'll have to see if I can't load a save with Reverse Rebirth unlocked onto my memory card if I can't play it due to what is happening right now.

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