Could I request help testing a cheat code?
Hi there!

I'm trying to get two codes working for Suikoden 5, max money and max SP.  I'm using the information from the super useful 'Post-your-PCSX2-cheats-patches-here' thread. The region date is NTSC (U), and the CRC is BCD0B7CD.

I have some codebreaker codes from code twink...

Max Potch

Max Party SP
2AA7A1E1 000F423F

....converted them...

gametitle=Suikoden V    [SLUS_212.91] (USA) [BCD0B7CD]


//Max Potch
//Max SP

... and yet I can't keep getting errors. My logs go nuts with red flags, and while it says the codes are loaded, nothing seems to happen. I seriously messed up trying to fix things on my own with FFX (game became unstable, and crashed often) so I'm hoping someone can show me what I'm doing wrong here before I make a mess of things. 

Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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You used ,byte, the wrong way.

byte = 1 byte. (example: writes ######[FF] ignoring the first 3 bytes)
short = 2 bytes. (example: writes ####[FFFF] ignoring the first 2 bytes)
word = 4 bytes. (example: writes [FFFFFFFF] to all the bytes of the address)

To avoid confusion dealing with that, simply use ,extended, instead.

So you'll get:

//Max Potch
//Max Party SP

If you want more info regarding this, please refer to this guide:
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Ah, that worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

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