Could anyone help me with World Rally Championship 4 Pal?
Hello, I`ve tested World Rally Championship 4 (PAL SCES52389)
with pcsx2 0.9.7(official beta from pcsx2 site) and latest svn
from * website.

I`ve tried every possible setting for this game but it gives me "tlb miss"
error and when I tried to run with interpreter with EE cache enabled,
I got an exact location of pcsx2 code where it crashes.
It says that it crashed in FIFO function.

I also tried with pnach(patch) file included in pcsx2 0.9.5 but it still

WRC4(world rally championship) with this patch successfully run
with pcsx2 playground but in game graphics are totally destroyed
and speed is extremely slow.

If i remember correctly, wrc4 has stopped working since version 0.9.6
which first introduced vtlb.

It would be great if somebody could help me running WRC4 on pcsx2 0.9.7 version since I saw "WRC Rally Evolved(WRC5)" having destroyed
graphic in previous pcsx2 versions whereas with new version(0.9.7 r3xxx)
,it runs almost perfect.

So i assume that WRC4 will work alomst fine too if it boots up on
0.9.7 version.

Could anyone help me with booting up WRC4?
Is there a new patch for this game?

Thank you.

Here is my spec:
Centrino2 T9550 2.6Ghz, GeForce 9600M GT 512mb,
Vista HomePremium 32bit, 3GB Ram, Installed latest DirectX and drivers
PCSX2 versions: 0.9.7(r3113), 0.9.6 , 0.9.5 PlayGround

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Hmm. Well i don't have the game!You mean to say that still 0.9.5 runs better than 0.9.7. Why trying to run the Game in Interpreter, try the other one though. Well your CPU capability might be low to run the game at full speed(50 fps in this case). Well with the release of 0.9.7 some games broke while many got fixed. So running a game on different versions of pcsx2 may differ in speed, graphics etc. Though the 0.9.7 is recommended, it may also not be much recommended for some other ps2 games. Tongue2
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
I meant that 0.9.5 version managed to boot up the game but in game graphics are totally broken and speed is about
less than 20fps. I am sure that this game will run much better on 0.9.7 if there is a patch for booting up this game.
Running WRC Rally evolved(wrc5) on 0.9.7 gives me 40fps which is playable.
So I am sure WRC4 will also run well if it boots up on 0.9.7
I wonder if anyone managed to run this game on 0.9.7 ???

To recoder: Btw, i just tested with interpreter mode to see which part of pcsx2 is casuing the error
I am curious,
is there any way to load old savestate file(let`s say a savestate file from pcsx2 0.9.5) onto pcsx2 0.9.7?
eg) load WRC4 savestate file which is made from pcsx2 0.9.5 onto pcsx2 0.9.7

Or is there any savestate file converter for this kind of case?
(04-16-2011, 03:16 PM)SU-WRC Wrote: is there any way to load old savestate file(let`s say a savestate file from pcsx2 0.9.5) onto pcsx2 0.9.7?

Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
ahh, hopefully this will be fixed in 0.9.8 or future release or somebody would post a patch for this
Hello, I just wonder if anyone managed to boot and run World Rally Championship 4(PAL) on latest official build?
Could anybody help me to avoid TLB miss error that prevents this gaming booting?

*note: You guys can see my post about WRC series on bug reporting section

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