Could it possible to get FFXI to work on PCSX2?
I just wanted to start off by saying that I'm not looking for a way to get FFXI to work on PCSX2, or to find out if it does work on PCSX2, or if it ever will work on PCSX2. I know that it doesn't, and probably never will.

I was just wondering out of curiosity, if enough effort was put into to it, could FFXI ever fully work on PCSX2? I was thinking about it a few minutes ago, and was wondering how getting it to work would actually work if it could work, since FFXI on the PS2 required both a hdd to install the games files to, and a network adapter to connect to the games servers and whatnot.

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it seems to kinda complicated to make the network plugin work.
so, the answer is "maybe, but now before long"
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