Could someone....
Could someone tell me how good the Xenosaga 1 would run on my comp.

Intel Core 2 Duo 6550 @ 3.1 GHz
Winfast 8600 256mb GTS (clocked a little bit)
2GB Buffalo 800mhz memory
OS - Windows XP - 32bit

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Xenosaga requires a very good pc to run perfectly Smile
well..i would be happy if the fps where somewhere between 40-50 (50 max because i was planning on buying the pal version)
Would it be possible to get that fps?
Maybe with Vista. The DirectX 10 mode of GSdx gives this game a big speed boost.

I have a [email protected] and a Geforce 8800GT. Vista, GSdx DX10, standard settings. Xenosaga 1 is running very well, mostly at 60fps, in some cutscenes it drops to 30-40fps though.
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Dx10 really helps a lot, cutscenes are the problem but they are at decent speed, dx9 - 9-22fps vs dx10 - 25-45.
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Does all the games run better on vista with DX10? or is it just a few games ?
Not All but But it gives a speed Boost! to every game.
you may search in youtube and you will find some videos I have downloaded a video from youtube in which a game is running in 30-35 FPS in WinXP DX9 and the same game on Vista DX10 is running at 38-45 FPS.
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