Could someone tell me what the number is...
at the end of the bar?

The one with fps, cpu usage etc. Persona 4 works well, but when it lags, it shoots up to around 400 - 600, so I was wondering what it was, since OC'ing didn't make much difference.

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Persona 4 slows when it uses destination alpha test, which I made a lot faster a few weeks ago. Now, instead of ~10, it only drops to 40-50 fps in the worst case, at the normal 1024x1024 resolution, on my config.

That last number in hw mode is the texture upload to the gpu, but even a 4 digit number wouldn't really matter.
Ah, I see, thanks for replying =)

I just got the latest version from your thread, which helped a little. The weird part is that I apparently get 60fps constant in those areas, but it's still slow. It's also going 4 digits now, 1200 being the highest. Can't have everything I suppose, it's still playable =)

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