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Couple compatibility questions
I know you guys have been struggling for quite some time but are you guys still looking into getting True Crime Streets of LA running? Second are you guys looking at further improving games such as Driv3r?

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We haven't been specifically looking in to them, but I'm sure there is a not to their problems somewhere.

I thought Driv3r worked pretty well on development builds with the OpenGL renderer
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Driv3r works OK, it scales worse with resolution IIRC due to the effects it uses. Enabling "Allow 8-Bit Textures" as well as using a small skipdraw value generally helps and turning blending off will help.

As for True Crime, there's an incomplete patch here, but I don't even think it works - I'm willing to bet this game has the same VU and graphical issues as TC:New York City, so I wouldn't be expecting much anyways if it did go in-game. Tongue
Serial = SLUS-20550
Name = True Crime - Streets of L.A.
Region = SLUS 20550
Compat = 3
[patches = A8B236F1]
Isn't that OK if you use super vu? I read somewhere that was the case
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Not sure actually, True Crime New York needs VU1 set to SuperVU, but I'm not sure if that will work for this game. (It hasn't been formally tested in a few years)
I was just curious guys it's honestly not a big deal. We don't need a deep discussion on it. If I really wanna play these games I can always play them on my original model PS2 through component or my original model PS3 through HDMI. That True Crime Streets of LA code you posted CK1 looks similar to something I tried a while back with no success so I tend to agree don't expect much even if I am able to get past all the TLB miss errors and manage to get in game.

Thanks for the responses guys I appreciate it. Take care and if for whatever reason I decide to create a patch for True Crime Streets of LA and it turns out to work fairly well I'll let you know CK1. Honestly though I don't know if I will since I have a PS2 and 3 to play it on. Thanks again both of you.
I made the attached WIP patch last year probably. It should atleast take you ingame. Haven't tested this with newest builds but as far as I remember you need to enable EE timing -3 to get this to work.

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.zip   True crime - Streets of L.A. [SLUS 20550] (U).zip (Size: 388 bytes / Downloads: 57)
Thanks again for the extra info prafull. Your patch does differ from the one I created so perhaps in combination with my patch the game will at least run without crashing. We'll see what happens whenever I get around to it.

Thanks again. Take care.

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