Couple of questions
I'm a new pcsx2 user, and I want some information about pcsx2.
1. I tried some games like front mission 4 and digital devil saga. I got 53 fps from front mission 4 and 38-44 from digital devil saga. What is the reason of difference?
2. I heard that I could get hd from ps2 games, how do I do it? Which plugin should I use? Where can I change it? Does my desktop resolution have to be the same?
3. How can I get more speed from digital devil saga? Is there a solution?
Thanks for your help

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What's your CPU/GPU?
If you get slowdown from CPU(you can check EE/GS% during slowdowns - if it's around 100% then your cpu is too weak, if it's not then your GPU is weak) you can speed it up a bit using speedhacks in emulation settings if your GPU is weak and is the reason of slowdowns, you can forget about upscaling and to speed it up you would need to actually downscale the graphicTongue. To upscale graphic you need to go into GSdx config, uncheck "native" and choose multiply of native or custom res.(Multiply is safer most of the time) But like I said, if your GPU is too weak, forget about that option.

Also make note, emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware.

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