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Atm i have an i7 920 2.66 Oc To 3.2, i really want to upgrade my cpu, for play my games in software mode at full speed, even if i know in hardware mode they run faster, and with better resolution (i have an EAH asus 5970), i just dont like all the glitchs, and missing stuff (Hack series GoW 1 and 2, MGS, suikoden series, crash bandicoot series come to mind) i get in hw mode.

So here is the question, Atm there is any Cpu that let me play the hard to emulate games at 60 Fps in Sw Mode? I not very expert in OC, i just use the Turbo feature for Oc, so i guess that is the max i can do, overlock wise..

Or maybe is worth waiting till march/apri for the new Ivy Bridge CpU?

thanks for the help

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The best CPU Intel Core I7 2600K / 2700K overclocked to 5 Ghz. You can wait till Ivy Bridge is out. It will prove to be better than Sandy Bridge. (20% Faster)

For the Time being try increasing the Software renderers.
My processor does great with software rendering.
It also overclocks well, and couldn't be much simpler to do.

There's always going to be something better to wait for.
If you wanna wait for something, make it Haswell. That'll be a lot more glorious (and faster clock-for-clock).
yeah but haswell come after ivy bridge no?.. i guess is too much wait.. i mean ivy come in few months.. worth waiting.. but haswell is too far away -.-

1 more question..

When i play a game in Sw mode and my EE is fine like 40-50% and my GS go to 100% and my fps go down (usally when there is lots of enemies or specific spells) mean that my cpu is just not strong enough to handle it yes?

Of Course SW mode depends on CPU. If GS thread is high means your cpu isn't able to handle much Graphics. In either case you need a higher clockrate and higher rendering threads.

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