I'm playing with this emulator for some month, and i had 0 problem with this game: Tales of destiny Director's cut.
I installed Vista on my computer, i installed drivers of my grafic card and dx10.
and when i want to try to play with Gsdx1.14 3D10 Hardware, pcsx2 crash. (basic eror message, pcsx2 has stop to run)
I think i need a dll, like d3dx10 or something like that but i don't know what i need to make it work. i searched a lot but i didn't find anything.
Sorry for my english
Thank you a lot for this work

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Try this:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I already done that =/ and it doesn't work.
Does it work in DX9 mode on Vista?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yes it works on DX9 but not on Dx10 on Vista
Sounds like a bug in DX10 mode of GSdx....try running another game in DX10 mode and see if it works.If it does,there is probably nothing you can do about it,DX10 is broken with the game you are trying
[Image: newsig.jpg]
You're right, it doesn't work with this game =/ damn it xD i was at the middle of the game >< Thank you for help
I saw somethink strange, with xp, fullscreen= more FPS, but with Vista= less fps :o but with speedhack and windowed i can play to tales of the abyss at 80%-100% of normal speed (in battle)
It's probably Aero not getting disabled,try disabling it.
Also,maybe you can get around the crash by loading a save state,try it.I mean make a save state ingame with DX9 mode and load it with DX10 mode
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i already desactivate aero, Ill tell you later if load a state is working Smile i hope it is^^

[EDIT] It was a good idea, it works but only for one battle, after that, it crash =/
I thank you for your help

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