Crash Bandicoot
I have started playing the original Crash Bandicoot for PlayStation 1 on the PCSX2 1.60 version. I am on Temp Ruin and anytime I am on top of the floating platforms that takes you from one area to another, it just pushes me right off, unless I am consistently walking with it. Walking with the platform is very very difficult, so I was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem or if anyone knows how to fix it. Could it be a glitch since I am using an emulator or could it be because I am running a Playstation 1 game on a Playstation 2 emulator?

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We don't really give support for PS1 emulation since it's janky on PCSX2 and it's not our primary focus, so your experience may not be ideal.

I recommend you use a different emulator such as Duckstation or EPSXE as they are designed to run PS1 games.
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