[Crash]Final Fantasy 12
Hello everybody!
It's for final fantasy 12 game
After I installed epsX2 0.9.4 the game runs at 60ips in movies, and often around 50ips ingame.

The problem I have concerns that I had at the beginning: the game freeze after several minutes, it is boring when you played 1h and your unable to save!

I found the solution on the internet, it was necessary to change the resolution.

So I could play 30 hours without any crash.
But now it is freezing again! I do not know why.

Do you have a solution?

I'm on Vista and use the plugin GSDX10 chart.
Core 2 DUO 2Ghz, 2Go DDR, 8600MGT


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The MTGS/DualCore options of 0.9.4 are likely the cause of infrequent random crashes like that. There's no easy fix, except to disable MTGS. Pcsx2 Playground has a similar bug (which I'm working on fixing as I type this), so upgrading to Playground won't help (yet).
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
ok thank's the MTGS/Dualcore option was enable.
I've disable it I'll test tomorrow if i will work

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