Crash Nitro Kart crashing
I'm having an issue on Crash Nitro Kart where's it's crashing only on one track. The game only seems to crash on the track "Assembly Lane" and all other tracks(At least before this one) work fine. I have VU1 set to superVU and have MTVU off. I run DirectX11 Hardware mode in 4x Native with 16x Anisotropic Filtering and 16x MSAA with the Sprite and NVIDIA Hack set on. I tried running DX9 Software mode which seemed to help because I could advance further through the track, but it still crashed about halfway through. I've also tried turning off Speedhacks with no success. Is this an issue with something I have or is it a common issue that hasn't been fixed yet(I wouldn't think so since the game is marked as Playable).

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