Crash Twinsanity Help
I'm trying to play Crash Twinsanity but the framerate is only running at about 50% or sometimes 30%. I'm using the 1.5.0 dev build of pcsx2. Here are my laptop specs


It's not the most powerful pc but I'm wondering what configs I could use to make the game run at a playable speed. I've tried fiddling with the settings myself but nothing seems to be working. Thank you for your time.

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that cpu is way too weak to get playable speeds.

Keep playing it on your PS2 console until you can afford better
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Intel Celeron is a big no-no as it has the slowest speeds aside from Atom and Pentium processors. You are much better off with a quad-core or higher Core i5 or i7 with at least 3.3 GHz. Even so, you also need a really decent GPU as well. Only dedicated graphics card, not integrated. That means a good AMD or NVidea card that had at least 2 to 3 GB, not an Intel graphics card. If you can, try upgrading to a better PC.
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Not the slowest speeds, AMD's variant (Sempron and it's current low budget ones I forgot what it was called though) are even slower for emulation that is.

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