Crash after battles in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
Hi guys,

I have been playing VP2 on PCSX2, and it has unfortunately been a nightmare.

I was getting a lot of crashes, but I used the patch in this thread to fix them:

But now after reaching Chapter 5 in the game, PCSX2 will crash when finishing any battle (pcsx2.exe has stopped working).

Log is attached, showing a bunch of EE TLB Miss errors.

This happens with or without loading from a savestate, and I have tweaked all sorts of settings to try and get it working.

The only 'cheats' I used were the widescreen fix that is built into PCSX2 (which i stopped using eventually because it led to more crashes), and the GameGaurd fix.

I'm don't want to restart the game, there has to be a better solution. Are there any clever people that are able to enhance GameGaurd fix or something?

I'm getting desperate, any help is appreciated. Smile

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