Crash all pcsx2 playground

pcsx2 version 377 works but all the newer versions crash* to launch an iso ( 515, 626... 658 ) Blink

Do you have any idea where the problem may come.

crash* : close after choice iso.

Thanks in advance.Blush

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What CD/DVD plugin are you using?
I use iso file, not dvd Smile
Make no difference.
delete ini files located in the ini folder then reconfig again

*Refrain put the playground beta EXEs to your official/main pcsx2 folder
best to put in the pcsx2 playground folder.
*the Pcsx0.9.4 folder and Pcsx2_Pg folder is different and must be seperated.
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but it's still called a "cd/dvd plugin"
so which one are you using?
Windows 7 64bit
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
ah Blink

with all plugin dvd, pcxs2 crash.. Sad

EDIT : tallbender, now he crash before choice an iso, just click execute and crash.
As tallbender told you already: delete conf. files in "inis" folder and reconfigure. I suggest you to pre-select ISO from Configure dialog.
Btw, what game are you trying to run? Are youi sure it's valid and uncorrupted ISO?
I done everything tallbender said.

My iso is launch on svn377. ( FFX )

edit: damn, even now by removing the ini, the 377 crash also ....

I can not choose the iso of my choice ... what it is happening?

I reinstalled everything yet.

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