Crash landed me inside the Playstation menu
While i was doing a playthrough of dark chronicle today something I've never seen before happen. I managed to crash the game and somehow find myself inside some playstation menu of sorts, where i could click on disc to boot up the game again or select my memory cards and check what games were on it. 

How i managed to crash the game wasn't on purpose but you'd almost think so. I was on the level "Final Trump Card" in dark chronicle and in a last ditch effort to get the medal from this level (which just requires you to kill all monsters with items only) i decided to just collected a bunch of monster together and use my 2x bombs left to blow them all up. I collected all the monsters in one place, at the same time they were glitching out because i guess the game can't render that many monsters at the same time. Anyways i threw my huge bomb and as soon as the explosion hit i got transferred to the Playstation menu. Got shocked that this was even possible on pcsx2 and was just wondering if this is common? 

Printscreen after the crash

Anyways, just wanted to share Cool

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Old console games implement crash handling individually. Most of them don't do anything, so they just freeze, it's up to developer. I guess this one kicks you back to BIOS menu if something happens.
Yep, PCSX2 is fully capable of running your BIOS file as a "game". If you select No Disc in your CDVD menu, you'll get there just the same.

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