Hi guys. I am a bit confused, and a bit annoyed atm, I really hope you can help me out.

I've been using pcsx2 for a few months now, virtually problem free and happy as a 12 year old child again. I've played through Kingdom Hearts, and recently I finished Chain of Memories.

Now today, I wanted to go and play the Riku story mode, but much to my surprice I was uterlly unable to. You see, pcsx2 just wont start... Each time I load an ISO (No matter which, tried 6 different ones) it just crashes... What in the world could have compelled my pcsx2 system, from going to fully functional yesterday, to completely non-functional today? Sad

My specs are as following:

GPU: 4x3GHZ AMD Phenom II
Ram: 3GB DDR3
Video: ATI RADEON 5860HD

And these are my settings for the emulator:

[Image: s12e0h.png]
[Image: 28s0duv.png]
[Image: 2iayl9y.png]
[Image: xbzdyh.png]
[Image: 2nb7nfs.png]
[Image: 2rgz5u0.png]
[Image: 11bqlv7.png]
[Image: auv2jb.jpg]

I really hope you have an answer for me.

Best redards, Mathak.

Oh, and there are no error message on the Program Log

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First try turning off the hacks, if that dont work try the last revision u can get it here
First - the version of your emulator is pretty old.
Second - put another plugin for video, one that supports these instructions SSE41 or SSSE3.
Those who you use is for weak and old processors.
First - U dont know what ur talking, r4600 is the last stable version .9.8, second he cant use sse3 or 4.

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