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Crash, no error in log :S
Hey people, I'm having a little problem here.
I recently just finished playing through Xenosaga 1 without so much as a slowdown, and now that I'm trying to play through Xenosaga 2 I am getting an error and PCSX2 shuts down. The error only says that the program has stopped working, and when I go to check the emulog, there is nothing there. This happens at arbitrary times, could be after 10 mins of play, and sometimes it works for 45 minutes before anything happens. The weird part is, errors have started happening in games where I wouldn't get an error before.
Here are my settings:


My computer specs are:
Gen2 i5 3.3 OC'd to 4.3
8gb ram
Radeon HD6950 2gb

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I can tell you for sure, it's an unstable OC (yes even if you passed hours and hours of orthos/prime95 etc)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
A buddy of mine did it, I'm not too familiar with OC'ing in general, and my bios have made it all the more confusing. Should I just kill the OC you think?
I'd say save a profile of the OC to your BIOS (I guess your mobo should support that), then revert it, test without the OC to confirm this is what causes the crashed then either keep it at stock or ask your friend to fix it Tongue (I guess it just needs a bit more of a Vcore bump, I've got the same processor OCed to 4,3 Ghz as well Tongue)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
The OC doesn't even look like it's running properly. I think he only managed to OC 1 core of the. When I look at the core monitoring programs I have, 3 cores are running at 1.5ish and the 4th runs at 4.3 someone screwed up apparently lol. But I will give it a shot and report back. Thanks bro.
Getting rid of the OC didn't work. I had the OC on while I was playing through Xenosaga 1, and I never had this problem. Could it be something with my registry?
Are you sure you turned off the OC and returned the Vcore to the stock volts? It's very possible the problem was not being triggered in Xenosaga I, since it's a random instability caused by an OC. If that isn't it, don't know what would cause PCSX2 to crash like that...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yup, turned it off for sure. Fixed the issue though. I switched to a different version of pcsx2. I was on 0.9.8, switched to 0.9.9-r4918, havn't had the issue since. Hopefully it stays that way. (-_-')
Weird..I've finished Xenosaga 2 with an older version than these 0.9.9 SVNs with no crash ever but oh well glad you got it working Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I may or may not have lied, and just died a bit inside because it crashed again in the middle of a massive cinematic...

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