Crash using FRAPS
So i recently downloaded FRAPS and figured i could test it out with some Dark Cloud 2 vids. It detects PCSX2 0.9.7 (latest build) windowed or no with GSdx but either way when i try to record it instantly comes up with a troubleshooter saying a program caused PCSX2 to close

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate btw.

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Still using the default key to start/stop the recording? Try setting a different key and set if that helps. I suggest the "*" key on the NumPad, but any key that's not otherwise used by PCSX2 will do.
IIRC, GSDX does non traditional rendering (in an extremely general sense) (like you'd expect in a normal old video game), and FRAPS probably just isn't compatible with it in all circumstances.
FRAPS can recognize almost any media type, be it a game or a video (no joke on that one, i can re-record video thru VLC Player with FRAPS since the video is using DX for playback)
but FRAPS can really only record stably using DX10 and lower, sometimes 11 (it can see Red Faction: Guerrilla when I force DX11 but cant see Lost Planet 2 when i boot its DX11 engine) and all OGL and OAL versions (dont even bother trying to record using a game running DirectDraw, FRAPS either cant see it or crashes the game entirely (CNC RA2, CNC TS, etc)

also note that FRAPS assumes ur using D3D Hardware and will crash the window its detecting if it cant see the source

(its really confusing how FRAPS records so i tried to simplify it as much as I could)

really the only way to record the emulators window is if u have a program that doesnt use DX, basically, as its FPS monitor, to keep the recording framerate locked with the game's framerate
as well as programs that allow u to record a custom size of the desktop (Camtasia Studio, which i use)
im sure there's also more programs more stable in recording any window than what i've listed as well, remember, Google is ur friend lol
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