Crash with PCSX2 in Windows 7
FIRST OF ALL! My first language is Spanish, so, I don't know how to write in english as good as all of you.

It's possible that this problem has been resolved in other thread or something, I haven't finded anything anyway.

I use W7 64Bits, my specs are:

•Intel Core i3 3,2Ghz
•ATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB vram
•4Gb Ram

The trouble is that when I play for almost 30 minutes, the emulator just stop working and it shows "pcsx2-r4600.exe not responding".

I don't know if the problem is the game I play (Final Fantasy X, dumped by myself), if it's the plugind, if it's the bios even if it's my own pc.

What can I do to fix that problem?
Thanks for the attention and sorry for my bad english Tongue

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First of all, your english is just fine!! you make perfectly sense xD But You should tell us what u were doing, with what quest you were busy or it crashes at the same point or while the FMV (Full Motion Video) Smile Also make sure that u don't put the speedhacks too high (Not that it's needed at all, since Final Fantasy X is one of the less heavy games u can play on the emulator) Smile
It crashes with every game I play, but not in a specific moment, it can crash in 30 minutes, or it can crash in 7, I really don't know why.
Have u tried starting it up with Run as Administrator and also make sure that u haven't installed PCSX2 in Program Files, since it has something to do with Permissions. U can install it to C:\PCSX2 or if u have a second partition install it there Smile
I have been started with Run as Administrator, but PCSX2 is installed in Program Files, gonna try this and I tell you later, right?

No problem Smile I'm happy to help ofcourse aslong I know something about it ^^
The problem still here D:

pcsx2-r4600.exe stop working error...
Is your system overclocked? Could be RAM or some other system failure under load...
Nope, RAM at 30% ~ 40%.

This error is weird as I see...

EDIT: I use FusaGamepad as Joystick (PSP application) Can be that?
Well, if you have a more standard gamepad, I'd give it a go, if only to eliminate the possibility.

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