Okay. I installed PCSX2 (newest version) and Uploaded my BIOS to it.
I proceed to select my .bin Game to run (Spyro:Ripto's Rage aka; Spyro: Gateway to Glimmer aka; Spyro 2).
Everything goes pretty good after the initial setup (language, region, blah blah blah).
Then the PS2 transition occurs. After It leaves me with a Black Window under the emulator.
Someone plz halp meh.

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This really isn't the right forum section for this, first off. You should probably have reported it one of the General Discussion and Support sections.

Second, that game is for the original Playstation. Currently, PCSX2 doesn't support PS1 emulation, and it's not high on the priority list (especially since no one's quite sure how to make it actually work yet). Try using a PS1 emulator such as ePSXe or PCSX Reloaded for playing PS1 games.

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