Crashes after intro
I'm not too sure if this problem just started happening or not. I've been running all my games fine (not playable speeds, but they work) for quite a while. Recently I've been downloading the new builds and suddenly I find that they don't run my games anymore. Went back to the old builds and it was like that too.

Let me explain my problem. On most of my games, the game boots until intro and will then crash abruptly without any error or "pcsx2 has encountered an error and will now stop blah". Some of these games are:
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation A
Fate: Unlimited Codes
Soul Calibur 2 (in character selection screen)

kof: maximum impact 2 appears to work fine, though.

Does anyone know why this could happen?

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Well best thing you can do is stay with older revs or just latest beta as newer revs can come this those kind of troubles, if you can find what revision exactly made that problem you cna leave the issue report in the googlecode page. Make sure however that it isnt GSdx making those crashes by changing it's configuration a bit.
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