Crashes with both cdvdrom readers!
When I try using Gigaherz's plugin, the game ignores and Iso I have mounted, skips to the Ps2 intro and then crashes. Also, in the configure menu, when I test Gigaherz's plugin, Pcsx2 also crashes.

P.E.OP's is similar, but I can successfully test it without crashing, however when I try to play a game, it crashes without showing me anything.

I know my computer's specs aren't the problem, because I've been able to run this program successfully before in an earlier version. The game I was playing was so choppy and basically unplayable, that I uninstalled and waited for a new version.

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Don't mount your ISO, just run it directly with the Linuz plugin.
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I love you, spent the last like 4 hours trying to get my Kingdom Hearts to work and this did it!

PS I want to have you babies. =P

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